Special shout to all my trans sisters on tumblr. You’re beautiful and powerful and deserve the world. Keep being you!


All you “shemale” bloggers that are following me, liking my photos & reblogging them make me sick. How delusional are you? I am not a fetish. I am not an object. I am a woman. I am human. And I am not getting naked!

Getting called self centered and arrogant throughout my life when it turns out it all stems from deep seeded anxiety and insecurity.

Pain is inevitable. Don’t let your heart harden because of it. Keep it open. Be unafraid of who you are. Because your fear will perpetuate all the things you fear, and you’ll just remain afraid.






never seen awful statues?? I think u are forgetting all of Michelangelo’s attempts at sculpting women, the big queer

Damn, how could I forget?


Dented oranges are my favorite type of breast

Michel-I’ve never seen a naked woman-angelo 

It’s like he sculpted a guy and then just slapped oranges on omg

that or he literally chose a nontraditional female aesthetic for these particular sculptures.

I’ve always been afraid of myself. So I put up a wall, and consistently push people away throughout my life. So I stay behind the wall. And the cycle continues.